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Q: How does Military or Survivor Families get nominated to be in the program?

A: The military or survivor family is assisted or gets the registration link from a State Family Readiness Support Specialist, a Chaplain, a Survivor Outreach Coordinator, or a Child and Youth Program staff.


Q: Is the registration link public?

A: No. This is the second year for Statewide reach and we need to make sure we have enough supporters to vetted military/survivor families in need.


Q: When does registration close?

A: Friday November 27th, 2021


Q: When can the military or survivor families pick up their gifts? 

A: When we get the gifts back from the community supporter we will contact the family and arrange pick up for the week of December 13th.


Q: Where will the families pick up gifts?

A: Arrangements will be made via Camp Alliance Staff. 


Q: When do individuals, businesses and organizations need to have gifts purchased and dropped off. 

A: By December 10th, 2021 in time for military family gift distribution.  


Q: Where will the individual, business or organization drop their gifts at?

A: At the Armory or AFRC closest to their location. 


Q: Do individuals, businesses and organizations need to wrap the gifts? 

A: No, the gifts need to be brought back unwrapped.


Q: How do individuals, businesses and organizations get military/survivor gift lists to shop for?

A: They will need to go to and click on the “community supporter” link and request “shopping for a military or survivor” child. The Camp Alliance Team will get in contact with them and send them a child or children in their area.


Q: Will the name of the child or family members information be ever disclosed to the community supporter?

A: Never. The age and gender of the child along with interests and specific needs (coat, boots, shoes, cloths, sheets, etc.) are the only information given. The more specific the registration is the easier it is for the community supporter. 

Q: What are all the ways a community partner can get involved?

A:  Volunteer to gift wrap or program support

      Shop or make a monetary donation to support a military/survivor child(ren)

      Donate a meal card or make a monetary donation for registered Silver Star Family(ies)

      Donate Gift Items or In-Kind product

      Make a monetary donation to the Silver Star Gift Program


Q: Can a Veteran register for the Silver Star Gift program?

A: No… well, yes only under the circumstance they have custody of currently serving military kids. We would just need the information of the parent serving to verify. However, we do have a link for Veterans on the page. 


Q: Why is there a link on the page specifically for Veterans?

A: While the Camp Alliance mission is focused on currently serving military members, their families and survivor families we can’t forget about the service of our Veterans. We have included a link to each county Veteran Service Officer. This is done by county or zip code.  They each should have a good gauge on the community resources in their area similar to the Silver Star Gift. You may also know places you can point them like the VA typically has a holiday program, VFW, American Legions, and local Veteran organizations. 



Q: If we have a question, how is the best way to communicate to get an answer. 

A: You can contact us directly:

      Jody Bergstrom - CEO  |

      Brittney Roper - Coordinator   |

      Laura Hopkins - Chief Information Officer  |

      Michelle Devers - Event Coordinator  |

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